Attention: Are You Ready To Build & Launch Your First Digital Product...?

learn how to Take What You Know & Turn It into a highly-profitable digital Product that runs on autopilot!

learn how to take What You Know & Turn It into a highly-profitable digital Product that runs on autopilot!

(This Can Work Even If You Currently Have No Tech Skills, Don’t Have A Product, Or Have No Idea What A Funnel Is Yet...!)


Watch This Video Before You Do Anything Else!

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What If You Could Build A Whole Online Program And Learn To Market It - In Just 5 Days?

If Any Of These Statements Describe You...

  • You're making money, but you're tired of trading so much time in return
  • You've got knowledge you know you can share with the world and help a lot of people just like yourself
  • You want to create an automated machine that'll bring in consistent passive income
  • ​You know what you want to create, but you don't know where to find your audience
  • ​You find the process of creating a digital course daunting and you need guidance
  • ​You need clarity with identifying your messaging and target audience
  • ​You just want to scale - big time!

If any (or all) of these statements describe you, this 5 day challenge is exactly where you want to be. It's time to turn your expertise into profit and launch your very own, unique, digital course - and bring your income to the next level!

If any (or all) of these statements describe you, this 5 day challenge is exactly where you want to be. It's time to turn your expertise into profit and launch your very own, unique, digital course - and bring your income to the next level!

'Launch Your Digital Product' Challenge Will Walk You Through Step-By-Step

How To Start With An Idea And Launch It Into The World As A Digital Product...

...And Begin To Generate Sales Without Taking On A Mountain Of Debt Or Falling Prey To “Analysis Paralysis”!

What You'll Be Learning In Only 5 Days:

DAY 1:

Creating Not Just Any Digital Product, But A Really Good One

Fact: Anyone can create a digital product. There are tons of courses out there, many probably in the same niche as yours. How do you stand out?

Solution: Learn to create a course that really solves problems and answers your audiences' questions - this alone will help you to scale to unbeatable heights.

DAY 2:

Understand Your Audience & Niche So It Stays Relevant

Fact: I'm sure you've seen courses that pop up for a few months, and then disappear after. You need a course that stays relevant for years to come.

Solution: Learn to create laser-focused messaging that enables your digital product to always be in demand and continues to grow.

DAY 3:

Leveraging AI To Create Your Digital Program Fast

Fact: Knowing what we know above, creating a course can seem daunting and you wonder if you'll take forever to complete it.

Solution: This challenge will be showing you the ways to create your course in half the time using A.I, and how you can still make it really awesome for your people.

DAY 4:

You Have Your Digital Program - What's Next?

Fact: How do you get eyeballs on your course? Where do you even start? How do you make sure that your audience sees it and purchases it?

Solution: Learn how to get your course seen, the ways you can ensure that your launch is successful and brings in massive sales!

DAY 5:

Automating And Scaling Secrets You Need To Know

Fact: Digital programs are sources of passive income, but they're not going to be so passive if you have to keep launching, tweaking and fixing it, right?

Solution: Leverage the latest tools to keep your online course updated. Have automated systems in place so you only have to set them up once and never worry about them again!

What Are You Waiting For?!

This Is Literally The BEST Time To Launch Your Idea Into The World... And Begin Making Sales So You Can Have The Life And Career You’ve Always Wanted!

Ready To Create A Thriving Business From Scratch In Just 5 Days?

What You Can Expect From The 'Launch Your Digital Product' Challenge!

Before The Challenge

  • Overwhelmed with feelings of uncertainty

  • Questioning if your idea for a digital product is even good enough

  • Feeling stuck in your career and life

  • Having the drive, but not knowing where to start

After The Challenge

  • Achieve a crystal clear direction on what your vision for your business is going to be

  • Feel confident that the decisions you make are correct

  • Have a step-by-step action plan

  • Gain the motivation and determination to build the business of your dreams

But That’s Not All!

The Same Reason We Stay After The Credits In A Marvel Film, You’ll Want To Stick Around After The Challenge Because...

Unlock Your Digital Wealth: Here Are 9 Reasons Why You Should Join This Challenge

  • Proven Track Record: Justin Burns is an 8-figure entrepreneur, teaches hard facts and leaves out the fluff.
  • Stay Accountable: Leverage a strong and highly motivated community to make sure you do your daily homework and get that program up in 5 days!
  • Launch Successfully: Launching and finding the correct audience for your course is one of the hardest things to do. Learn the secrets to successful launches!
  • ​Create What People Want: Exactly that. Create not what you think they want, but what they really want. Learn how you can find out what your audiences are looking for!
  • Save On Tools: Don't worry about spending a ton of money on different platforms for your course, your landing pages, and more. Find the best and cheapest ways to start making money!
  • Scaling Secrets: Learn industry secrets you won't learn anywhere else - how to scale positively and not let your business overwhelm you.
  • ​Automation Secrets: Works for anyone already with a course, hoping to build a second (or third) one, or for anyone looking to create their very first online program. Use Justin's secret systems to start automating so you know the meaning of real passive income!
  • 1 Hour A Day Only: Hey, we're not asking for a lot! We only need you to show up consistently one hour a day for 5 days. Take notes, stay focused, and see amazing results at the end of the challenge!
  • ​Free Consultation: Since this is a FREE challenge, use it to your advantage and ask as many questions as you want in the private community throughout the day. Get them answered by Justin, his team, or even other experienced members! Sounds like an absolute no-brainer, no?

Meet Your Host And Coach,

Justin Burns

CEO Of, E-Learning & Education Consultant Best Selling Author & Speaker

“It’s taken me a decade (plus hundreds of thousands of dollars) to get to where I am today.

I have wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars

on outdated training and foolish ideas…

I have undersold myself for years and left millions on the table….

I have read hundreds of books and burned multiple years of my life that I will never get back trying to figuring this digital space out…

And you know what? I didn’t just figure it out. I now have the exact framework for any online course to go from zero to 7-figures.

And I can show you how to do it. This blueprint has been tested on over 50,000 people who have been very successful with their businesses.

In a very real sense, this is my life’s work…”

-Justin Burns-

Here’s Everything You Get When You Sign Up For The...

Launch Your Digital Product Challenge

  • FREE! FIVE jam-packed days of learning how to launch your idea into the world with a digital product with Justin Burns (who was once exactly where you’re at right now!)

  • FREE! Access to our private 'Launch Your Digital Product' Challenge community, where you can share wins, ask questions, collect more insight and “money breakthroughs,” and get inspired!

  • FREE! The underground tools and knowledge that can help “leap-frog” your brand, your offer, and your funnel so you can start making sales practically overnight!

  • BONUS! Make Sales EVEN IF You Don’t Have A Product! Learn from the top two super entrepreneurs on how to produce thousands of sales per day... without a product, tech background, or experience!

Normally: $997 Value

Today: 100% FREE!


5-Day Virtual Event: 'Launch Your Digital Product' Challenge!


Aug 28-Sept 1, 2023

Monday To Friday



Because this is YOUR time to get YOUR idea into the world and make it LIVE!


5-Day Virtual Event: 'Launch Your Digital Product' Challenge!


June 26 - 30, 2023

Monday To Friday



Because this is YOUR time to get YOUR idea into the world and make it LIVE!

See What Past Attendees Say!

Questions? We've Got Answers!

Do I need a Facebook account to participate?

Yes, you'll need to have a Facebook profile in order to attend the live trainings. However, you can also choose to upgrade to a VIP ticket later and get a personalized Zoom invitation link!

What if I cannot attend live?

Replays will be available in the Facebook group until Sunday night. Upgrading to the VIP ticket will give you unlimited access to replays in your very own personal VIP hub.

How will I receive notifications and updates about the challenge?

Never miss an update! Keep your eyes peeled for texts and emails from us! If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to us at

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